“Going digital” is no longer a buzzword in healthcare and is now part of every health facility’s upgrade list. As there are multiple roads that lead to the digital upgrade, BSI will help find the best one for your facility’s needs. Talk to any of our consultants and we’ll make sure that you’ll be guided with the right information and product insight to make your decision. Our goal is to deliver solutions that will help you improve your healthcare environment through digitalization.

We don’t want you to upgrade for the sake of going digital or closing a sale. In each upgrade, the digitalization process should also upgrade the health facility’s ability to improve patient care. We are the exclusive or sole Tier 1 partner and also the sole authorized service provider for all the products we represent. Our engineers have undergone certification trainings by certified training facilities in various countries in order to meet the quality standards of these brands.


We are one of the most trusted partners in providing quality and cost effective film products in the country. We only exclusively or directly distribute our film products to ensure product consistency and price competitiveness. We offer all kinds of wet and dry printing film solutions that will fit any requirement, from consumables to equipment. Talk to us and learn more.


Going digital without having the right IT systems and infrastructure is like shooting from a digital camera but not being able to use the images apart from looking at them on the camera screen. As the healthcare industry develops further, what we do and can do with the digital information captured is becoming the focal point in improving patient care. Ensuring standardized medical data that can be referenced and shared universally is essential in providing the much needed continuum of care to the patient which IT can address. Having the right partner to understand your current and future needs is crucial in designing and planning your IT

investment for your facility. Having a partner such as BSI who takes the time to understand your needs and apply the latest medical standards in Healthcare IT is a crucial step in moving toward an integrated care environment. Bullseye is one of the first to introduce healthcare digitalization in the country and is a pioneer in Healthcare IT. Since then, Bullseye has constantly improved its solutions offering by learning the latest standards and technologies that your health facility may employ in mapping out your IT roadmap. Talk to us for your Healthcare IT needs and we would gladly help you map out the best strategy for your IT Roadmap.